I came to ICOG at a time in my life when I was hungry for something greater than what this life has to offer…I already had a relationship with Christ, but I knew I was spiritually under-nourished and needed a place where I could be fed the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s when God led me to International Church of God in Burlington, MA. From the senior leadership on down, I could tell that the people loved God, loved His Word, and desired holiness. The members were very welcoming and kind. My heart found a home in this church. My spiritual growth in Christ soared! In addition, it was at one of the ICOG services where I had an encounter with God so powerful that the Lord baptized me in His Holy Spirit. Because of ICOG’s obedience to God and anointed biblical teaching, God’s presence is always moving and transforming lives there. I received the spiritual nourishment I needed and the Holy Spirit to sustain and guide me. Now, I am helping others to get the spiritual nourishment they need. I am forever grateful to God and His servants.