Request your free copy of a cassette or CD containing devotional songs in Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati and English. Write to:

International Church of God
84 Cambridge Street
Burlington Massachusetts 01803 USA

The following items are free, just request for them by writing to International Church of God, Dept. Radio.

Raja O’ka Raja (10 Tracks) Devotional Songs in Hindi by Innocent & Elena Sherring. Produced by International Church of God.

The Power of Christian Prayer
by Latha Nilakantan
This book teaches the art of scriptural prayer and gives clear insight from the Word of God on the subject of intercession and supplication.

True Path to Prosperity by Beena George
Mrs. Beena George’s best book. Learn biblical answers to prosperity, tithing, and many more as you discover the true path to prosperity.

How to overcome your Enemy by Beena George
Christians are the target of the biggest scheme of all time! The sad part about it, though, is that most do not know it. In this book, we will look at who Satan is, where he came from, and how you can stand in victory over him. Jesus has given us freedom over every negative circumstance that can come into our lives, how we can and are expected to live in this freedom. This is a must for every Christian.

Faith in Christ by Latha Nilakantan
To live in the fullness of what God intended for us, it isn’t enough to be born again. We must grow up in the things of God, mature spiritually, and follow God’s ways. Learn how to walk closely with your Heavenly Father.

Spiritual Worship Song Book
(350 pages). 330 Malayalam and 70 Tamil songs transliterated to English. 200 English Hymns and choruses. This song book is an excellent tool to enhance your worship.