Be still and know that I am God!!
One day during my morning prayer, the Lord told me in a vision, “The enemy will try to come against you but, be still and know that I am God”. When he gave me this promise, I neither understood the reason nor its depth. I was at the end of my doctoral degree and my professor told me that I could finish the following semester. Two weeks after I heard the promise, my professor told me that I had to leave with a Master’s degree since he was out of funding and could not support my doctoral studies. I was in the 5th year of my PhD program and had just one more semester to graduate. Once I heard this, I was distraught
and but the Lord reminded me of His promise the day before my professor told me. I requested my church family to uphold me with their prayers. Within two weeks everything turned around and my research committee members decided that I have to graduate with a PhD and not leave with a Master’s degree. Also, the same day my professor told me that my project was selected for the finals in a technology innovation competition and if we won they would provide funding for the completion of my project. The following week we participated in the finals and as per the Lords promise we won the competition. The Lord enabled me to find favor in the eyes of my committee members to graduate with a PhD and also provided the necessary funding to complete my experiments. The Lord was faithful to His promise and He enabled me to “Be still and know that He alone is God!!”